About Me

Who am I?

Rastko Djordjevic

My name is Rastko Đorđević. I am a 16-year-old programmer, mainly focused on Microsoft technologies. Some of my favorites and most noteworthy are:

Recently, I’ve become more interested in robotics and the vast ecosystem of IoT Devices. I mainly use C# for developing Desktop and Web Apps and Azure for hosting services.

I started programming at age of 11. First I made websites, but as my experience grew I focused more on programming languages, so I started learning C#.

First app I made was a Windows 8.1 Store App for local newspapers called “Politika”. Although It was in beta testing, unfortunately it never released. Furthermore, around the release of Windows 10, I made a Windows 8.1 Store App and ported it to a Windows UWP App for teen magazine called “Bravo”. In addition, I also started developing ASP .NET Web Apps – mostly Web Forms and MVC.

Politika - Windows 8.1 Store App
“Politika” – Windows Phone 8.1 app

In 2016, I got interested with Windows 10 IoT Core Preview and Raspberry Pi 3. After getting my first Raspberry Pi (thanks to a friend), I started exploring the IoT ecosystem. As a result, my primary hobby is making robots and integrating smart home devices.

Furthermore, I have been a speaker at some of Microsoft’s local events and conferences like “Sinergija 15”, “Sinergija 16” and “Tarabica 17”. I also sometimes post tutorials like this on platforms like Hackster.io.